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to your notification am malinde cody i wish to inform you Here the shortcut trick for HOW TO QUICKLY FIND AVERAGE OF NUMBERS It not that difficult to find the average of numbers (5+15)/2 or (7+13)/2 or (9+11)/2 ., of numbers Or you can use the below formula Average= (sum of 1st term+sum of last term)/2

Know Average Shortcut Formulas which will let you solve Average problems quickly and easily.

Suppose you are given a question as given below: Find the average of 5,7,9,11,13? Sol ., Then in this type of questions, the answers always the middle term i.e ., Then the answers always sum of middle terms or sum of opposite terms divided by 2 i.e ., ., For most of the candidates who are preparing for competitive exams like SSC, IBPS etc ., So to help you, here we are sharing with you some of the good shortcut tricks to find the average of numbers quickly ., The answers always same .,

LEARN HOW TO SOLVE SYLLOGISM 3 STATEMENT QUICKLY ., In this type of questions, first look for the difference of numbers ., And given numbers are odd in numbers i.e ., But what if we know a shortcut method to find the average of numbers, it will not only let us solve the questions quickly but also save our time in the exams and time precious in competitive exams ., What his average after 10 innings? Here the solution: Let his average after 10th innings be x, then Total score after 10th innings= 9x + 75 = 10 (x + 5) So x = 75 ; 50 = 25 So his average after 10 innings = x + 5 = 25 + 5 = 30
AWESOME SHORTCUT TRICK FOR FINDING LCM AND HCF OF NUMBERS ., Whenever you are given a question like the one above: Here a very simple trick for this type of questions ., The basic method of finding average of numbers quickly
Average of numbers= sum of numbers/total No ., Since the difference constant throughout i.e ., 9 (in above question) ., it can take some time to solve average questions asked in the SSC exams .,
Suppose you are given a question like the one given below: A batsman in his 10th innings makes a score of 75 and thereby increases his average by 5 ., total 5 types of numbers ., But if the numbers were given even in numbers means there are six numbers like 5, 7, 9 , 11, 13,15 ., In the above case the average will be 10 ., 2
Where from i can fetch AVERAGE QUESTIONS SHORTCUT TRICKS HOW TO FIND AVERAGE OF NUMBERS QUICKLY details , i mean any where ? , i want thats urgently . I am English Springer from Congo and studied in Malik Deenar College of Pharmacy, Kasaragod and living in the city street of MussylaVille . Can any one please answer AVERAGE QUESTIONS SHORTCUT TRICKS HOW TO FIND AVERAGE OF NUMBERS QUICKLY information here , please i would be greatly happy
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Average: which is the arithmetic mean, and is calculated by summing a group of numbers and then dividing by the count of those numbers.
For example,
6, 11, 7
• Add numbers: 6 + 11 + 7 = 24
• Divide by how many numbers (there are 3 numbers): 24/3 = 8
The average is 8

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