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I still felt pretty much in a daze and my mom had to tell me I’d better get going or I would be late.Lisa was sobbing just like a little baby.Their answer came when I grabbed them both, sliding my fingers into their pussies at the same time.She suddenly felt very naughty.It was the best I’d even had too, but my mind still fought it and I didn’t want to encourage a repeat.My heart was pounding and my head was spinning, but my cock was at last deflating.Liz ignored the cringe in her stomach and stayed quiet as Zach positioned his cock.Once she was accustomed to him being inside of her pussy she just looked at him and gave him a really big smile.If they were with the security force, he could be in deep shit if he said any more.Screamed Traci at the same time Tammy screamed.Here lemme show you the difference, this..."Jane was smiling and said "Ohhhh Lorlei, what do you have up your sleeve?"Now I am teasing the full length of your vagina lips with one fingerSelvi was now very hot.I hi

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