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“Well I can’t make them green, but I do have some ham steaks I can fry up, and I’ll add some eggs if you girls want.But Bill was still ashamed of it.“Any friend of Darlene and Alice is a friend of mine, Belinda.”He had no choice, because Jan had just picked him up from soccer practice at school, and then they had gone straight over to Aunt Lisa's apartment.A naked Darlene waited for me with a hug by the time we reached the bottom of the stairs.Confused, but knowing that he must want to see how this suit fit her from all angles, as he seemed to like his associates to be impeccably dressed.Fletchling smiled mirthless.“This will help heal that eye of yours.”"This morning we learned we've been compromised.I was beginning to think we would walk to the parking lot, get into our separate cars then go to our separate homes.“They are the embodiment of a unicorn sensing one’s magical potential and sharing a part of its power with that person, allowing them to then perform sorce

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