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She was in pain, yes, but it was beginning to blend with the subtle throbs of pleasure – she supposed a body starved of pleasure will find it wherever it can – into one overwhelming blur of sensations.Of course all the guys did; and amazingly, all the girls did as well.It took her a few long and deep breaths but she finally reigned in her emotions enough for her to think with a level head about her situation.“What did you say to Tom?” she asked, “And why was the front of his pants wet?”Yet they were having Brothel Whores whipped right on their pedestals and the customers didn’t even need to request the Brothel Whores be fucked by dogs.“Stop holding yourself back.Julia- When the knock comes I jump up and open it I didn’t know what to make of the girl standing their naked she tells me that Mistress Ann send her for my pleasure.I whimpered as he unwrapped me, my small breasts quivering.Ryan shook his head – he couldn’t think like that.When I’d finished showering an