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“I'm here to learn.”Just then, my mom's cell phone rang.Her thumb pumped in and out of me, teasing me while her tongue danced over my bud.My wife was getting ready to make dinner and said she needed a few things from the store and asked me to run.Did she tell Jax that she’d told me about this whole sex thing?Each time, she gave a yelp.House Mistress 3397 gave Master Titus the cammand Pleasure Slave 3613-A had been dreading.“Hold the line,” she was singing to herself.His cock fucked me over and over.She wore white, knee-high socks like Courtney was wearing.I hadn't the energy to move, so I pulled her close as my eyes grew heavy, her arms wrapping around my back "thank you" I heard, before falling into slumber.._____________________________________________________She groaned as my cock slammed to the hilt in her.At home, Mom and Futa-Mom were both so happy with us.“I wouldn't have thought so.” Said an equally naked Misty.Daisy watched Mister O as he went through all of the

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