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It wasn’t until the afternoon that the skies cleared up and a bright sun began to shine, warming their cold bodies and raising their spirits as they moved to the beach.They broke their kiss and breathed heavily, trying to catch whatever breath they could.“Alkandi.” Uniok whispered reverently, and touched the statue’s toes.She pulled her spellbook out of her bag and flipped open page one.He spat out, “We're done!”“James has chess club,” he said.That was when he showed up."We kept each other company last night," I sipped my coffee.I turn around and my eyes widens seeing her.This way I can lift her bum up a bit, and the change the angle of penetration.I shuddered as he rubbed his face against my round breast.I was still dating a few other girls at the same time, so I was still getting laid.Just enough to let me feel her lips, to taste her lip gloss, and for my dick to throb."Okay!To the citizens of New England, nightfall invoked a unique fear, both new in experience, yet p

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