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The sounds of her sucks and slurps would have been a sensual symphony were it not for Fernando Espa and his partner.“I doubt my gushing pussy would make for much of an attack in a Pokemorph battle.”I was obviously a stranger in his territory and one who seemed out of it, too.I had loved her for so long.“Jerry.“Good morning did I tell you last night just how incredible you are?” I said."Oh any time around now," Alex suggested, "Drink?"“Stand up and turn round, I’ll check and let you know.”Nothing strictly against the rules but it was something Daddy might not like.Her eyes were blazing, she was biting her lip, sweat covered her brow, her skin glistening in sweat.Her pussy squeezed down around me. Her royal husband watched me pump away at her snatch.That was just the second of four different positions that Nigel had me tied down in. Each one stretched my legs wide, and in each position people made me cum, numerous times; either with those toys or their fingers.“That’s

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