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Sure it's okay.Innocent or not, he knew it would happen tonight during their little rendezvous and his excitement had been impossible to hide.We share a bathroom so I know she doesn’t use anything to make her skin flawless or to make her long black hair thick, and silky.I aim my cock at her slit and press forward.He happily inserted his right hand from the side opening of my sari, surrounded my waist and placed his palms on my bare tummy.Now she was at the center of attention, squealing in delight.As he turned to look at what he was about to cover-up he suddenly stopped and backed off."Oh Gaaaaaad!Morgan turned from the bedroom door to AJ, opening her bathrobe up.“What have you learned?” she pressed.Anything is possible.I got up, used the bathroom, and brushed my teeth."Lets see," he replied as he opened his wallet.She told me that Kurt (her husband) had the car and he was at work.She was deciding what to wear even though it was Saturday there was nothing special planned, but she

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