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He’s moaning, I’m moaning and all I can hear is our skin slapping together as he fucks me senseless.I approached slowly, not sure how they would react to me given I'd just murdered someone in front of them, but was pleasantly surprised when they both rushed into my arms.When she felt the quivering shaft tense up inside of her cavernous anal entrance, she wriggled her way off of it.We’ve all had to do things we’re not proud of to survive in this hell hole, myself included.I can feel he is fixing something else to the chain linking my wrists – there is a slight tension, still pulling my arms back away from my body, even once his hands are gone.A shadow fell over the pages.I flinched at her words.Now unchecked, however, it began to form a puddle beneath her.“Thank you, Mr. Barns.“No.” I said, the fear rising back in me.She’d also felt... something, upon first touching the omamori, and for a pervasive moment it felt like she was overlooking an important clue.The kidnapper

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