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As she stands up in front of the couch, “Alright…let’s get a couple more positions done so I can have documented my positional playtime…then, maybe we can see if either of them can recover for a second round.” “Whatever you want Tina,” I find myself stating as a reaction to her comment.She was also here for another reason.I wanted to cum.You know that?”I had never experienced anything like this.“I didn't.” He felt dazed.She felt him shifting around and at one point she felt him take hold of her waist and pulled her onto his knee.“Yo, I didn’t get a good look.“Ah, yes, of course.Her mood softened, “Oh well, in that case,” she said as she pulled out her phone, showing the different dresses she had looked at, some classic, some conservative, some slutty.I wasn’t sure I wanted to blow him just yet, but I felt ready to try.Pleasure shot down my shaft as she kissed and nuzzled at the crown.“Prove it.”“What...what happened?” I ask resting my good hand

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