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“Take your time and go round each of the workstations and watch what the girls are doing.“Goddamn that girl is turning into a fine woman” he thought to himself as he watched Maggie go down the hall.“You never mentioned anything about it when we talked, or saw each other.”My phone suddenly brimmed with new text notifications from my wife.Something was really wrong.What?!!No yellows at all, and the few whites she could see were dingy and gray, too.Julie nods but never takes her eyes off of me. You ask, “Do you want to suck it?”I work for a nationally known elevator company and my beautiful wife, Victoria (Vickie for short) is an RN that works in a doctor’s office.frustration and shame in the bathroom.“Yes please sir.” I replied.She’s maybe two years older than me, and she is dressed like royalty.I jumped out of my clothes and was all over her in a New York minute.I slowly pulled her to me until our bodies were finally touching and our tongues found each other.Soon a

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“You are a nasty little slut, aren’t you?” he asked, rhetorically.Her belly muscles started to clamp.I talked about what I had discovered, they all wanted to try it, so I set up Jill first."Is this seat taken?"The Jamiesons were one of the wealthier families in this part of the town and whilst not ostentatious, had been able to do some really fun things, like purchase a boat which they kept moored upstate and, in the case of the yard at their home, build a full Olympic sized pool which they would often use for charity events and the like.There was still an acute shortage of people realising that they could see through my clothes but it still felt nice knowing that all people had to do was look for more than a split second and they’d see my tits and butt and pussy.She didn't dare to consider what her father would do if he found out she had not drunk the whole cup.Sal was the first to cum.She rolled to the side, yanked off the shiny condom an started jacking herself like there wa

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