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She smiled with satisfaction when I answered, “Not yet, maybe if I fuck you again.”“You trying to get pregnant or something?”There was no anger in her voice.“Come on.” She took my hand and guided me through the foyer door into the main hallway.I reached the cabin door and slowly opened it.“I loved all of Alkandi’s incarnations, but I’ve never repeated my mistake.Trent grumbled.Their lips moved over each other and then her tongue pushed its way into his mouth.“It’s slimy and warm and yet also cold,” he tried to explain the sensation.Claire closed her eyes and let Evan continue to finger-fuck her.“Oh, you naughty boy!” She says happily.“I have choker necklaces for my special friends.” He smiled at her.Gently I start to finger fuck her asshole.With a big smile, “Oh Yes.”She was a stacked little vixen that never listened to him and didn't seem to fully grasp that she was no longer free.I hope I didn't ask too much.She then slid her hand down and touched

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