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Ishtar smiled, clearly amused, as James struggled to his feet."Now, be a good slave and get over here."She’s a Loud Slut.As we all sat around and talked about nothing much for 20 minutes or so, she started loosening up and engaging more in the conversation.I licked her from nipple to ear, then plunged my tongue into her mouth.We needed all the complex carbohydrates, fiber, and protein we could get.The copious pre-cum from Sam had done its job and had lubricated Hailey's ass to the point that he was able to fuck it like it was her pussy.Then she reasoned, it was a test, to see if she’d lie.I’m still groggy, but the things the mouth are doing to my cock are nothing to complain about.Boys lost the third round and off went the t-shirts.I am to make Carrie happy, to do anything she suggests.We have to see to ourselves because she's pretty drunk.The floor of the car featured a nostalgic black and white ceramic tile in a checkerboard pattern that went perfectly with the wistful, old-wor

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