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I grabbed the last item, the leather strap.You’re a very good kisser, Brie.She was enthusiastic about my efforts, too.Because those men simply took me. Abusing me for their pleasure.She reached down and directed my dick to her pussy.“Where do you think we get the fireworks from, Paul?Phil rolled his eyes.I pounded into her with increasing fury, my balls slapping against her chin, her nose pressing painfully into my pelvis, rubbing against my scratchy nest of pubic hair.“Of course I feel better, what kind of man do you think I am?”Suck on it a little harder this time, and use your tongue on it harder."Not only had Roger been beating and raping her but he now had invited his friend to rape her."Clothes."I let him have a good look then said,I got the message and the rest that I tried on were much shorter.Mariana smiled saying, “You are looking at me and stirring at me.”The cunt I fucked lay wasted and spreadeagled on the bed.“I used to think that, maybe not so much anymore.�

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“Stay down.“It doesn’t feel right.”When it came time in the fall to move back to college, I was entering my sophomore year, on the bus on its way out of town I had Maggie right in the seat next to me. She finally decided on what she wanted to do with her life, at least romantically and her family had decided to back her in her advanced education.He had this look of pride on his face.”Kate threw back the covers and started to kiss her way down my body until she reached my hard shaft.I liked it.Had the Program revealed that was what I was all along and—"You need something too?"You see I'm still up watching tv, you ask if I'd like you to rub my back.This time I growled contentedly, “Charlie good girl.” I slid free from her and, while I licked her leaking pussy, I mumbled, “Make puppies.” I mated with Charlie four times, and the last time we stood knotted together for what seemed forever, her pussy gripped me but my eyes never left Misty.I guess that’s to be expected

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It would serve to motivate her in the coming hunt.The red cords were wrapped around her round breasts, squeezing them into jiggling mounds.It was hard to concentrate with her moving around and when we got to the bar she was straddling me with her pussy rubbing on my leg and crotch while drinking a couple beers.“You’ll have to not do too much stretching for a day or so but those strips should hold.”His sister was posing for him showing off her wonderful breasts and slender body with a mischievous glint in her eye."We've got guns," Sheila said as she used her napkin to mop up the ring of spilled coffee around her cup.I gasped, broke away from her, and said (with a grin on my face),HisThat is how my Daddy describes good men, “He wears an honest white cotton tee-shirt,” in other words, he is down to earth.We made our way back to our spot and gathered around the cooler.How could he?“Where are we going?” I moaned, still disoriented from the passion of the gangbang.“Then after