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Nathan blinked.I almost drooled.April pushed me up and off and stared wide eyed at me for a few moments then stated the obvious “You touched me.” I started to apologize but she continued “Nobody did that before, it felt kind of good.”Even messier was the floor, soaked in twin puddles of urine.My grip tightens on her bun, tipping her head back again before releasing it to make eye contact, “Learning to control yourself and your orgasms will give you the ability to have an orgasm at any time…as well as delay one for as long as necessary…do you understand?”As soon as he enters me he cums.He tried to tell us no.Getting to City Hospital took about half the time it normally does.Looking in you see your car up on blocks and all the doors wide open, your luggage has been opened and tossed around the barn.I pulled my futa-dick out of her.She smiled, swallowed, and opened her mouth to emphasize that she didn’t spill a drop.Without even thinking about it she started to stroke he

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