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I wanted to make her gasp and moan and cry out.What Alex didn't know was that while he was unconscious, they had pumped him full of drugs that made manipulating his body very easy.What do you say?” She asked.She smiled, “I guess you’re my dummass then.” She licked the head, then looked up at me with eyes squinted, “You really only had two?”It was Fred with two other drivers.Right?"It was a ball of dim light, and it hovered next to my ear, barely visible in the brighter chromatic sunlight.“Up, way, way up,” he tells me.Let me guess, you want to watch the birds.”Instead of being ready to come home she is standing there freshly fucked.He moaned and rolled off to lay beside me. Taking my hand in his again, he placed mine on his cock.I stirred her up as she shuddered against me. She whimpered and trembled, clutching to me as the pleasure burned through my body."Happy Birthday to you--ow!," she concluded, stopped short when he harshly pinched her sensitive nubs Free XXX Movies and pulled h

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